• Gynecology

    Whether it’s your routine annual exam, family planning visit, or you want to learn more about the best contraception for you, Dr. Butt believes it is important for you to take an active role in your healthcare. This means that Dr. Butt will work with you during your visits to be better informed about your health.

    • Comprehensive well woman exam

    • Abnormal PAP smear treatment

    • Colposcopy

    • HPV vaccination (Gardasil)

    • Contraceptive counselling

    • IUD insertion and removal

    • Nexplanon insertion and removal

    • STD testing and treatment

    • Vaginal infections

    • Management of fibroids

  • Obstetrics

    Pregnancy can be a life changing moment filled with excitement, uncertainty, and a whole lot of emotions. Dr. Butt will guide and walk you down the factual road of pregnancy and delivery. Having completed over 1,000 deliveries and still counting, Dr. Butt’s top priority is to deliver quality care that ensures the safety of both mother and baby, but also she will strive to make this as pleasant and amazing of an experience.

    • Routine comprehensive prenatal care

    • Non invasive prenatal testing

    • Vaginal delivery

    • Cesarean delivery

    • Cord blood/tissue collection

    • Postpartum care

    • Normal pregnancy

    • High risk pregnancy including:

      • Diabetes during pregnancy

      • Hypertension during pregnancy

      • Twin pregnancies

      • IVF pregnancies

      • Placenta previa

      • Preterm labor and delivery

  • Family planning

    Making the commitment to start a family or to expand your existing one can be an exciting but daunting time. Age related fertility, fertility options, and testing are just a few questions on the forefront of your mind. Dr. Butt will review your pertinent medical history to give you her personalized assessment and plan that can help your family grow.

    • Preconception counseling

    • Basic fertility evaluation

    • Genetic testing

    • Fertility options

    • Specialist referrals

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